SHOOTOUT. Ferrari 488 GTB vs Ferrari 458 Speciale

It’s Ferrari vs Ferrari as the 458 Speciale and 488 GTB goes head-to-head on-track. But which is the fastest? Find out – on-board – with EVO Magazine

Ferrari Engine Power Torque 0-100kph Top speed Weight Basic price
488 GTB V8, 3902cc, twin-turbo 661bhp @ 8000rpm 760Nm (560lb ft) @ 3000rpm (in seventh gear) 3.0 secs 330kph+ 1475kg (428bhp/ton) $288,790
458 Speciale V8, 4497cc 597bhp @ 9000rpm 540Nm (398lb ft) @ 6000rpm 3.0 secs 325kph 1395kg (123bhp/ton) $290,000

Which wins in a track head-to-head: the Ferrari 488 GTB or the 458 Speciale?

Tantalising prospect, isn’t it? When first launched in 2013, the Speciale represented, complete with Side Slip Angle Control (oh I’m not going through all that…) and a 90kg drop over the Italia, represented the most hardcore version of Ferrari’s flagship supercar the motoring world had seen yet, packing an impressive 597bhp and 398lb ft of torque into the, quote unquote, bargain via a naturally aspirated 4.5-litre V8. 

Three years later came the, admittedly similarly designs 488 GTB, the closest you could get to an everyday Ferrari supercar but still managing to bring three seasons of additional Formula 1 inspiration to the table, heavily revised airflow, and 64bhp and 162lb ft of torque more than the track-focused Speciale from a downsized, turbocharged 4-litre V8. Both would nail 0-100kph in three seconds flat, and only when the speedometer crept over 325kph did the 458 Speciale start to be left behind, despite the 80kg weight disadvantage.

So, Ferrari vs Ferrari. With all that in mind, which Ferrari is your money on? Jump on-board as EVO Magazine finds out at the Angelsey Circuit in the UK

  • Technical specifications available on page 2

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