VIDEO. Driving Magnus Walker’s Porsche 964. DRIVETRIBE

DriveTribe’s Jethro Bovingdon joins Magnus Walker stateside for a spin in Urban Outlaw’s ‘most performance-orientated build to-date’, a 993-engined Porsche 964

“We’ve left the urban nightmare of LA traffic behind, and headed to the hills in Magnus’ latest and most ambitious build to-date, to see whether these cars have substance as well as style.”

The words of DriveTribe’s Jethro Bovingdon there, and given that the car he’s referring to is an Urban Outlaw-spec 993-engined Porsche 964, we doubt the former EVO man will be disappointed.

Even the video starts off in pretty tantalising fashion, Magnus Walker himself walking viewers through the basics of his 964 whilst at (moderately) full chat on the winding Angeles Crest Highway. Amidst the mighty sounds of a 300hp 3.8 RS-spec flat-six pouring into the cabin, Magnus explains his goal to “keep the 964 DNA” intact whilst louvring, stretching, rolling or otherwise tweaking the living bejesus out of the surrounding bodywork. Underneath the lightweight body – down to 1140kg(ish) – lies KW Clubsport suspension, Brembo brake package, and bespoke ‘Outlaw 1552’ 17in alloy wheels: “from the front bumper through to the ’75 bumper at the back, everything has been modified, to the extent that I’d call this my most performance-orientated build to-date”.

Switch to Bovingdon at the 2m 30s mark. Does he believe the 964 DNA still lives inside Magnus Walker’s most performance-orientated Porsche to date? Giving that he’s “living the dream”, we’re guessing, yeah, he probably does…

Enjoy this Magnus Walker Porsche 964 video?

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