Ferrari Roma pumped to 694bhp by Novitec

The Ferrari Roma offers plenty of performance straight out of the box, but Novitec has extracted a little more

The Ferrari Roma is a fresh take on the Italian GT, with an elegant design and a front-mounted twin-turbocharged V8 offering a different experience to its 12-cylinder relatives. We were rather fond of the package when we got behind the wheel, but as always, German tuner Novitec has shown up with a selection of upgrades both inside and out.

Though not as wild as some of its more comprehensive conversions, the Roma’s most notable modification is a boost in power output. In standard specification the Roma’s twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 produces 612bhp, but Novitec has managed to liberate an additional 82bhp and 90lb ft for a total of 694bhp and 651lb ft – figures well within its operating window as they’re still below that of the mid-engined F8 Tributo. It’s 0-100kph time has dropped as a result, coming two tenths sooner than standard at 3.2sec, with top speed at 325kph.

The power gains come courtesy of the firm’s ‘N-Tronic’ ECU module, which tweaks mapping for injection, ignition and boost pressure. Novitec claims this not only improves overall output, but also throttle response and in-gear acceleration through alterations to the power band. As an option, a less restrictive exhaust system complete with ‘high-performance’ catalytic converters will also help extract more power while also increasing exhaust noise.

Unlike Novitec’s extreme N-Largo offerings, aesthetic changes are very minor. At the front, an enlarged splitter, carbonfibre grille and new headlight trim increase aggression, while new carbonfibre side sills and mirror covers are fitted too. The theme continues around the rear, with a redesigned carbonfibre diffuser insert, lip spoiler and more fitted to both improve aesthetics and, according to Novitec, aerodynamics too. 

Most noticeable are its new wheels, now 21- and 22-inches in diameter. Developed in collaboration with US firm Vossen, the forged ‘NF10’ wheels are available in 72 different colours and finishes for buyers, and are wrapped in 255-section front, 315-section rear tyres. Lifting these into the arches are Novitec’s ‘sports’ springs, with an optional hydraulic front axle lifting system able to raise ride height by 40mm for those tricky driveways and speed bumps.

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