TEASER. New Cadillac Design Study to land at Monterey Car Week

New Cadillac design study to drop tomorrow at Monterey Car Week. Anybody got a clue what it actually is?

So looks like Cadillac will be dropping a new design study when the Monterey Car Week gets underway tomorrow. And we’ve no idea what it’s going to be.

The accompanying teaser – all 20 seconds of it – focuses on an updated cabin design rather than the exterior, Cadillac confirming only that the new design study will ‘inspire the next evolution of Cadillac Design’ and will feature ‘an array of curved OLED screens’. Oh, and that the updated SatNav is really good at finding San Francisco airport…

Following swiftly in the footsteps of the new, Mercedes S-Class semi-bating CT6 and the SRX-replacing XT5 crossover, it’s unlikely the design study will join the CTS-V and ATS-V on Cadillac’s mental performance line-up (or even the hybrid range alongside the ELR). Instead, it’s been speculated the concept could form the basis of a new crossover scheduled for release in 2018, slotting in between the XT5 and Cadillac’s headline Escalade. Given that Cadillac has confirmed at least eight brand new models will be released before 2020, extending its SUV range seems a foregone conclusion. Expect more details to drop tomorrow.

Unveiling a new concept during Monterey Car Week is nothing new to Cadillac, the Ciel convertible and the more recent Elmiraj coupe – the basis of the third generation CTS – having made their respective debuts in California in recent years.

Enjoy this Cadillac at Monterey Car Week teaser?

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