Cadillac ATS-V. ‘Arriving Fashionably Early’

The brand new Cadillac ATS-V joins forces with the fashion industry?

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464hp. 445lb ft. 45 degrees

That’s what three of the Middle East’s top fashion bloggers had in store when they were invited by Cadillac Arabia to not only go for a tyre-torturing spin on the backseat of the first generation ATS-V, but also take part in a fashion photoshoot taken completely…on the backseat.

The lucky trio – or unlucky if you’re the kind who gets motion sickness – joined the brand new ATS-V as part of Cadillac’s new ‘arriving fashionably early’ campaign, a cheeky nod towards not only the Middle East’s distinctive aesthetic style and the head-turning capabilities of the ATS-V itself, but also of the kidney-rupturing performance potential of the mid-sized saloon.

Up first was Ahmad Bloushi, one half of the husband and wife team behind The Hybrids fashion blog that introduces its readers to some of the Kuwaiti couple’s favourite outfits. If you’re wondering where the name comes from, it’s a tribute to the couple’s mixed heritage. Second to the plate was Ahmad Daabas, founder and editor-in-chief of, an online magazine for men focusing on both fashion and lifestyle across the region. The final invitee – Zahra Layla – is the ’20-something’ eponymous name behind Layla Loves Fashion. Born in the United Arab Emirates but of Iranian descent, Zahra’s blog has chronicled current trends from both London and Dubai since 2009, and has included projects with Gucci and Cartier among others.

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And of course, there’s the ATS-V itself. Based on Cadillac’s ATS platform, albeit with 25 percent greater stiffness and larger track front and rear, the new ATS-V marks the first time a twin-turbo engine has been used in V-Series history. Said 3.6-litre V6 kicks out 464hp and 445lb ft of torque, and comes equipped with new low-inertia turbochargers, a high-performance lubrication system and new compressors for optimum performance output. Kick the loud pedal from standstill and you’ll hit 100kph in 3.8 seconds, and – eventually – a 304kph top speed. Gearbox options include a six-speed manual and a Hydramatic eight-speed automatic, the latter of which has been fitted with a ‘transmission controller’ that analyses and executes commands 160 times-per-second.

The ATS-V is not just packing outright grunt though. A carbon fibre hood (plus vent), front splitter and rear diffuser have been added to both lower outright weight and reduce the centre of gravity, but also optimise air transfer over the re-styled bodywork. Like its sister model – the new CTS-V – the ATS-V packs tauter suspension and a revised, third generation Magnetic Ride Control, which – if you can fathom this – ‘reads’ the road surface ahead 1000 times-per-second to independently control the dampers for optimum ride. The whole package sits atop 18in lightweight forged alloys, which are clad with Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber for additional grip. And to stop your innards being turned to mulch with all this lateral acceleration to contend with, the ATS-V comes as standard with Recaro seats.

If you’re keen to see how all this translates into three separate fashion photoshoots, you’ll want to click the links below…

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