ON-BOARD. Bentley Continental GT3 at Nürburgring. VLN

Climb on-board a Bentley Continental GT3 for the second round of the VLN endurance championship at the Nürburgring.

Several things should probably be going through your head as you watch this video: firstly, “wow, where can I get hold of a Bentley Continental GT3, that looks quite fun,” and second, how the hell did these guys not make contact?

The race in question is the second round of the VLN endurance championship at the Nürburgring, for which the Team ABT Bentley in question – driven by Christer Jön – qualified 9th. The German then spends much of the opening few corners line-astern, and side-by-side, with Audi R8 LMS’ and Mercedes-AMG GT3s. Across the opening lap, all eight minutes of it, Jön is never too far away from the Merc’s rear axle in front of him.

Now, the above nutshell should be enough to make you click play, even for the sake of background V8 soundtrack through your headphones. If however you’ve yet to receive your daily dose of internet douchebaggery for the day, you may want to take a quick flick through the comments. Special mentions to “I would’ve taken him out long ago….(smile)…” and “awful go pro rattle.” Oh internet, how you exhaust me…

However, some particular diamonds to look out for amidst so much rough are “that dastardly fellow in the Daimler seemed determined to not let you pass”, “DAT AUDIO!”, and, our personal favourite, “…hold my beer”. By the way, spoiler alert, the #38 Bentley Continental GT3 of Jöns, Chris Brück and Jordan Pepper ended up finishing an impressive 2nd.

Enjoy this VLN / Bentley Continental GT3 on-board video?

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