Audi A4. Car Movie Motion. The new look Avant

For those of you who liked the RS4 Avant and the A4 but were looking for something with a bit of added bling, this Audi A4 Avant from Car Motion Movie might be right up your street.


Not too long ago we drove the Audi RS4 Avant on crankandpiston – twice – and we really liked it (pssst, wallpapers available for download HERE). For the first time, an Audi had come along that wasn’t bolted to the rails, and which – shock horror – even tipped into oversteer when we were really on it. Unusual for an Audi.

We doubt you’d get the same kind of dynamism from this particular A4 Avant. Reason one being the lack of 450hp and 0-100kph in 4.7 seconds. The other being those mightily impressive rims and the almost impossibly slammed suspension.

Plus, if you fancy seeing out some extras from a Twinkie advert which have somehow ended up on a Car Motion Movie shoot, you can check out the team’s facebook page.

Source – CMM by Eric Fuchs

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