360-degree POV with Mad Mike and 1000bhp RADBULL

Join ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett for a 360-degree spin around the Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand aboard the 1000bhp ‘Radbull’ Mazda MX-5

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Just under a month ago, Mad Mike Whiddett was up to what he does best, namely thrashing the living crap out of his Mazda RX-8 and the tyres temporarily connected to it. Taking his run quite literally to the edge – several times we could barely look as just a few centimetres of paint stood between the Mazda and the crash barriers – as Mad Mike undertook the first ever full circuit drift of the Highlands Motorsport Park on his home turf in New Zealand.

That wasn’t the end of it though, for shortly afterwards Mad Mike went for another spin, this time in the 1000bhp Mazda MX-5 he calls ‘Radbull’. And Red Bull has released its coverage of the run, albeit with an interesting twist. Like THIS Honda ‘MotoGP vs Civic touring car’ video, clever 360-degree technology means you can enjoy the on-board run from whatever POV perspective you want.

Source – Red Bull

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