1000hp Kamaz truck weighing over 10 tons gets some air time

Yep, that title is right. Eduard Nikolaev on his Kamaz Dakar winning racing truck get some air time at 140 km/h.

After winning the 2017 Dakar Rally, Eduard Nikolaev gets a go in the most extreme winter conditions, completely opposite to what it’s used to at Rally Dakar.

More about the truck

It has a 16.2-litre V8 diesel engine that makes 1,000-horsepower, 16-speed transmission, can carry 1000L of fuel, weighing 10.5 ton and could accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 11.5 seconds.
Once the former mechanic got his charge up to speed, he took off from a snow jump at 140 km/h and flew through the air for over 30 metres and 2 metres high, pulling 12G.

The 32-year-old explained, “For our KAMAZ-4326, these conditions are very similar to driving on the sands of South America or Africa, and for the team this is great training in the skills of driving on the coming ‘silk’ dunes.”

Now that they know the truck can withstand extreme conditions, they can turn their attention to Moscow’s Red Square on July 7 when they begin their 9,500km route from Russia through Kazakhstan to China.

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