VIDEO. Motortrend’s World’s Greatest Drag Race 7 is here!

Because sometimes all you need to see is an oldschool straight line race. Who’s your bet on?

Motortrend has finally just released the 7th version of their World’s Greatest Drag Race sequel, and it is not disappointing. I was very excited once I saw the line up of cars at the start, and specially being behind the wheel of most of them, I’ve always wondered how they’d go if they lined up against one or two of the cars at that start line.


In case you didn’t see the video yet, stop reading, watch the video and then get back here.
Seeing the Tesla Model S P100D in the middle, it triggered a question mark, as usually Motortrend park the fastest car in the center, but right next to it is the Ferrari 488 GTB so it was either this or that.

I honestly had high hopes for the Camaro ZL1, as I just returned the car yesterday, and that thing is a weapon. The acceleration on that thing is just unbelievable and I had high expectations for it, but after seeing how it performed in that drag race, I was slightly disappointed but not so much as it was able to keep up with cars way beyond its league.

Cars that I would’ve liked to see in this video would be: The McLaren 720S, Audi TT-RS, and the Ferrari 812 Superfast. What would you add?

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