2012 Highlights. Josh Holdsworth. Got Two Minutes?

A highlight showreel from 2012 boasts amongst other things a sideways Subaru Impreza, a sideways Toyota 86, and suspension of a Volkswagen Golf you might not believe.

Two highlights from this showreel from Josh Holdsworth include a Japspeed Subaru Impreza pounding the crap out its Maxxis MA-Z1 drift tyres, and a Toyota 86 being engulfed by tyre smoke as it hoons into a turn sideways.

You will also find a succession of ollies and jumps from the video’s skateboard elite, a couple of BMX bikers testing the durability of their front wheels, and a pouting brunette giving you the ‘peace’ sign.

Plus an uber stanced Volkswagen Golf. That’s at least two minutes of your lunch break you’ll want to set aside.


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