1966 Nova Wagon. TAPOUT Terror. BIG MUSCLE

BIG MUSCLE hooks up with Tim Katz and his 1966 Chevrolet Nova Wagon racecar. Say what?

1966 Chevrolet Nova Wagon

There is a tried and tested methodology in building a racecar that can be used as a template for guaranteed success. It is a fine balance of tuning, aerodynamics and – most importantly – weight reduction which helps not only with acceleration and stability but also with deceleration and putting less strain on components. A 1966 Chevrolet Nova Wagon wouldn’t be our first choice as a base to build a racer.

This, however, is BIG MUSCLE with Mike Musta. That means every automotive truth, fact and methodology is chucked in the junkyard and replaced by an LS V8 motor with a massive turbo. Because ‘merica. Because BIG MUSCLE. Because Racecar.

Source – DRIVE

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