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An expensive month for Fabian Hoehn and his Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: February 2010
Kilometres this month: 2500
Costs this month: $2991 (paint, service, brakes and tyres)

So here I am again with a lot of changes that have happened over the past weeks to my car. First of all I wanted to have some bits and pieces painted as it doesn’t take long out here for someone to ding your door or hit your car in the car park. I now tend to search for a parking space which is miles away from the entrance just to avoid that happening again. I had to part with my car for 3 days and had them paint my mirrors, side skirts and diffuser in glossy black and have touch ups done on the bumper and doors, as I knew the guys doing it i got it for a bargain price of only 1400 AED – 380 USD. The outcome was great and the car looked like new on the outside again and the small changes give it a complete different look, so happy with that.

Next on the list was my 60,000km inspection. I had asked Al Nabooda for a quote but they said they would need to have my car in their workshop in order to prepare a quote which surprised me a bit as I thought a 60,000 inspection would be the same for any GTI. Naturally there are always some things that come unexpected but an estimated quote should have been possible. This is when I then came across AutoHaus Middle East. The good thing was they are across the road from where I work and are an independent garage which means not as expensive as Al Nabooda and I wouldn’t have to bother getting a taxi to work and then back to the workshop so it was an indirect win for me and some cost savings too.

I received my quote quickly and scheduled my car in for service the following week. Downside was another 2100 AED – 571 USD had left my wallet, but I had a clean car and fresh service done and nothing to worry about until a few weeks later driving home a lorry lost its load of wood and I hit a big piece with my car which dented my rims and ruined the flank of my tyres. This meant I had to replace these now too, as they would have been due soon anyway I had them replaced against a brand new set of Michelin SP3 and while the car was at the workshop I had the brake pads and discs replaced as they where soon to be due for replacement. All in all this set me back 7500 AED – 2040 USD.

So that had been an expensive month with service, brakes and tyres. But in the end necessary and well worth it.

In next months episode I go crazy and buy some new things for the GTI, I dont know why I did it but see for yourself. Journals is a contributor-based section, the contents of which have been provided by site readers and enthusiasts. All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the authors concerned and do not necessarily reflect the views held by  

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