VIDEO. 1930 ‘ Hogie Shine ‘ Ford Model A hot rod

Turns out the best partner for a 1930 ‘ Hogie Shine ‘ Ford Model A hot rod is a customized 1953 Ford C750 COE hauler in matching gold paint. It’s not as naff than it sounds…

A relative oldie but still a goodie. That would be Dan Hogan’s ‘ Hogie Shine ’ 1930 Ford Model A and, more specifically, the slammed 1953 Ford C750 COE (cab over engine) hauler he uses to haul said hot rod from show to show across America. Yep, the matching paint job alone should tell you just how much this boy’s into his motoring…

As a statement, the duo is impressive: they collectively took SEMA by storm in 2015. Built from the ground up at the Hogie Shine garage in Arizona (hence the name), the hauler actually sits atop a modern Dodge chassis, albeit one extended by 24inches for a more operational setup. The paint, stripped out cabin and white-walled 22.5in ‘Alcoa’ wheels speak for themselves, but underneath lies a fully bagged suspension kit, complete with a custom four-link setup at the rear. The engine meanwhile is Chevrolet-sourced, specifically a 5.9-litre six-cylinder turbo-diesel, complete with custom air intake system, which is linked directly with dual six-inch chrome stacks mounted behind the cab. We’re not sure how much money went into this build, but it took well over a year to complete.


The Hot Rod itself meanwhile, the work on which was completed in 2011, is mounted on a custom built chassis, around which lies a shortened, Model A coupe-style body (it’s actually been cut by 6in). Completing the big America trio, the Hogie Shine packs a Ford-sourced 351cu in Cleveland engine, modded with custom built headers and a K&N air filter. Underneath, the 15in American Racing ‘Astro Supreme’ style wheels are connected to Fox coilover shocks and 1940-style hydraulic ‘juice brakes’. All the more impressive that Dan actually built the Hogie Shine over the course of a year in-between working his day job.

Now the video itself – from GrinderTV – doesn’t actually go into any specific detail. If however you’re keen to see Hogie Shine and its matching COE hauler cruising to the sounds of ‘Mother’ by Glenn Danzig, then we’re guessing you’ll want to give this a go.

Enjoy this Hogie Shine / Ford Model A Hot Rod video?

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