VIDEO. Tanner Foust drifts Polaris RZR around construction site

Tanner Foust drifts a Polaris RZR through an ‘active’ construction site. Expect jumps…

So it turns out Ken Block isn’t the only superstar who can rag a performance machine by the nuts through a construction yard… 

Guinness World Record holder, X Games gold medallist, Global RallyCross champion, former Top Gear USA presenter, and pretty much all-round badass Tanner Foust took time out this week to drift a Polaris RZR Side-by-Side through a construction site, making use of all the indoors storage facilities and, yes, really quite a lot of ramps, plus a wall he can graze with his tyre without actually making contact with, as is a drift video staple. The purpose? Rockstar energy drink promotion, given the slightly hammy – but admittedly pretty cool – ‘floating can’ product placement at the 30s mark. If you have a minute free today and have always wanted to known how much you can throw an RZR around without it tipping over, this will be worth a look.

And with that, onto the RZR. Mounted under that impossibly thin bodywork is a 925cc in-house developed four-cylinder that packs – in the top spec XP Turbo EPS version at least – 168bhp. Small fry by comparison, true, but when you consider the 679kg kerb weight in the XP Turbo EPS, that’s a 268bhp/ton power to weight ratio. Power can be sent to all four 14in Maxxis Bighorn wheels or two, depending on how much you’d like to scare the living piss out of yourself.

This is not the first time Tanner Foust has taken a performance machine out for a spin either. A few months ago, as part of the ‘Quantum Drift’ video series, the California native also took his FIA World RallyCross Volkswagen Beetle for a run on the open road, mostly sideways. You can also check that video out below…

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