ON-BOARD. Ferrari V8-engined Gumout 4586 at Formula Drift Orlando

Fancy an on-board run with the Ferrari-engined Gumout 4586? Check out the action as Ryan Tuerck takes a spin between sessions at Formula Drift Orlando

We’ve all seen the build. We’ve all seen the finished product. We’ve even seen it pull donuts around a Ferrari 458 in the motoring equivalent of an insurance broker’s wet dream.

If you’re anything like us though, you’ll still want more, and fortunately Formula Drift star Ryan Tuerck was only to happy to acquiesce during practice for the recent Formula Drift round in Orlando. Let’s be honest, divisive or otherwise, this isn’t a car that was built to be appreciated whilst standstill.

Just to run you through the basics, somehow Ryan and the Huddy MotorSports crew have squeezed the 4.5-litre ‘F136’ V8 from a Ferrari 458 Speciale into a ‘ZN6’ chassis, no mean given that the V8 was specifically designed for a mid-engined rear-wheel drive Italian supercar. Power and torque – unconfirmed but an increase over the Ferrari 458’s 570bhp and 398lb ft of it – is sent to the rear wheels via a Fortin Racing’s five-speed sequential transmission designed specifically for the Off Road Racing Series Pro-2 truck category. Throw in custom-designed roll cage, chassis stiffening and tweaked suspension, lob on a new set of Fifteen52 Penta 3-piece18in wheels and slick Hankook Ventus RS3 tyres, plus Recaro carbon buckets and a set of 6-point Takata Race 6 harnesses, and job done.

If you’re curious to see how that all performs, you’ll definitely want to jump on-board with the video above.

Enjoy this Gumout 4586 on-board video?

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