1400hp Hoonicorn_RTR V2. Wait, what…?

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* The Hoonigans reveal the 1400hp Hoonicorn_RTR V2 by roasting some marshmallows.

This. THIS is how you toast a freaking marshmallow. With the spin king himself Ken Block, the Hoonigan team, and the new, Hoonicorn_RTR.

The newboy is based on the modified 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn_RTR that first appeared in Gymkhana Seven, albeit with an additional twin-turbo setup alongside the Hoonicorn’s 6.7-litre Roush Yates V8. A crap ton more boost being sent to 410 cu in unit – or 21lb, if you wish to be precise – also means that the monster V8 now sends 1400hp through all four wheels. 1400hp. That’s almost double that of the original Hoonicorn_RTR, and just slightly less than used during the Big Bang.

With terrifying waves of volcanic grunt also comes a new livery, Version 2 featuring a grey to black fade base colour, on top of which lies a Stars and Stripes livery similar to that used by Block on his MkII Ford Escort. Add Ford ovals and Monster Energy emblems to complete the new look.

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Okay, enough from me. Time to hear from the man himself.

“We got approval for a new video concept using the Hoonicorn, but I needed more power for what I needed it to do. So, I developed the concept for the general idea of what I wanted— two turbos sticking out the hood—and handed that over to my team. They came back with a functional way to make that happen and added methanol to get the setup to produce the power that I wanted. We ended up with 1,400 horsepower!

“When I say that this is the absolute most frightening thing I’ve ever driven, I’m not exaggerating. AT ALL. The motor revs and spins my Toyo tires to destruction so quickly that I can’t change the gears fast enough. It’s genuinely a mind-numbing, crazy experience to try to drive this thing. It’s amazing.”

Enjoy this Hoonicorn_RTR video?

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