Who wants a Toyota 86 rally car?

An 86 for the forest? Yes please.

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We’re big fans of the Toyota 86, which has provided a breath of fresh air for those looking for an affordable, rear-wheel drive sports car that’s useable in the real world.

But it’s entirely possible to get bored with the real world. So who fancies taking an 86 rallying instead? Toyota has just confirmed the specifications of the CS-R3, which will make its rally debut later this year.

The $88,000 machine (if you buy one before April) has been undergoing extensive testing since August when a prototype was first announced, and now it’s nearly ready to go. Rear-wheel drive, with 235bhp, 2-litre engine, it’ll be homologated to FIA R3 regulation in July, which means it’ll be eligible for any rally competition up to the World Rally Championship.

Compared to the road car, the CS-R3 has plenty of racing upgraes, including a racing clutch, lightweight flywheel Drenth six-speed sequential gearbox and revised brakes for either tarmac or gravel set ups.

So happy is Toyota with its new toy that it’s started a rally series just for the CS-R3. The first round of the HJS Toyota Motorsport CS-R3 Trophy takes place at the Rally Niedersachsen in Germany on July 4, with ten cars due to race. Another six rounds will follow, and the competition will take place every year for at least the next three seasons.


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