Renault’s new Crossover. The KADJAR

Yes, it’s a silly name, no, there aren’t any pictures yet.


Renault has announced that’s it’s preparing to unveil a brand new C-segment (mid-size) crossover SUV, and it’ll be called the Kadjar. Sorry, KADJAR. Capitals are important, apparently.

What does that name mean, we hear you cry? Glad you asked. Renault says that the KAD part comes from quad, as in the four-wheeled bike, while JAR comes from the French words ‘agile’ and ‘jaillir’, which apparent represents “agility and suddenly emerging from somewhere”. Well, that’s that cleared up then. “The sound and spelling of the name have an exotic feel, which suggests adventure and crossing new horizons,” enthuses Renault. If you say so…

There are no pictures yet – those will be revealed on February 2. Until then, Renault is going big guns on social media to get the name out there, and has released this picture which appears to be shot from a hang glider for some reason. It dares us to live. Go on, we DARE you.

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