AXIS. ‘Hot Wheels” Skyline. The Bear’s Evo

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I don’t think many people would disagree if I was to say that the two cars pictured here are probably the most famous cars running in the UAE Racing championship. Actually scratch that – one of them is running, the other has run…once!

Steve’s completely mental Evo turned up in a cloud of intrigue, scorching us with it’s insane “Dyno-Rod” (look it up) Orange paint scheme and it’s phenomenal pace and then disappeared in a hail of engine pieces not to be seen again that season…sadly! I say sadly as it really stuck the cat amongst the pigeon’s.

Chris’ “Hot Wheels” Skyline is slightly different – It has been a regular since day one and is super quick but since it is a home built car from scratch, Chris has suffered more than his fair share of bad luck and teething problems.

Times have changed though for these two chaps and next season will seem them out in a couple of new toys…hopefully! They have set themselves up with a super cool shop too, that we will be covering in the next couple of weeks. To see some more of their work and the incredible skills of Jarkko and his team, check out the C+P Golf GTI.


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  1. why fire engine Evo disappeared.

    Looks like a wodebody wasn’t enough and he’s going wide WIDE body now. But will it ever race again?

    More than a few hope not I reckon 😀

    Hotwheels…what can you say – just too much bad luck there. But yes, have been obliterated by it more than once on the track and even on low boost it was quick in the races, just not quite there.

    Hope it doesn’t retire either though, it’s got potential.