Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line. Hitting trouble. Management Fleet

Tyres issues curtail our hopes for a month of hooning in The Management Fleet Volkswagen Tiguan

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: March 2014
Total kilometres: 6099
Kilometres this month: 2524
Costs this month: $490
L/100km this month: 3.9

Last month I mentioned we were hoping to get in some impromptu hooning in our new Volkswagen Tiguan. This would surely be a piece of the proverbial thanks to the 200bhp 2-litre TSI four-cylinder burbling away under the bonnet.


Whilst we’ve had no problems with the four cylinders themselves, our random acts of childishness behind the wheel came to an abrupt halt when our mini SUV suffered a puncture on the highway. Rather annoyingly, we weren’t sure what had caused it. Whilst we assume the culprits are various sharp-ended bits of detritus washed onto the road by the quite herculean amount of rain we experienced earlier this month, three undamaged tyres and the possibility of more severe issues lingering beneath the surface meant we didn’t particularly fancy putting our newboy through its paces on the spare. Nor for that matter did Volkswagen Middle East. Away to the garage the Tiguan went for some much needed R & R and a new pair of shoes.

On the plus side, the experience did demonstrate to us just how quick and professional the VW Group is when it comes to maintenance. Barely a day had gone by before our long termer was on its way back to the crankandpiston oval office. So quick had Volkswagen been in fact that when we tried to arrange photos of the work in progress, the Tiguan had already left the service facility.

Our time with the VW away from the hard shoulder has also proven valuable. Enthusiastic driving was on the low side to begin with, due mainly to lackadaisical pick-up from the gearbox. Slip the six-speed box into manual though (avoiding the ‘can’t make up its mind’ S transmission mode altogether) and we were surprised by just how nippy the R-Line model can be, even with its extra leather trim and larger 19-inch wheels. A low centre of gravity plus a stiff chassis, good suspension and little lean in the body means flick-flacking the mini SUV through Dubai’s tighter corners has been surprisingly entertaining. Like the Passat that preceded it, the Tiguan is proving enormously practical for the team and more nimble than expected despite its size and weight.

Now, if we can just keep all four tyres intact…


Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion R-Line
Engine: Inline 4-cyl / turbocharged intercooled / 1984cc
Power: 200bhp @ 5100rpm
Torque: 207 lb-ft @ 1700rpm
Transmission: Six-speed tiptronic transmission / all-wheel drive
Front suspension: Strut-type with lower control arms / coil springs / telescopic dampers / 22mm anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: Multilink / coil springs / telescopic dampers / anti-roll bar
Brakes: Power assisted / dual circuit / 12.3 x 1.0-in vented discs (front) / 11.1 x 0.5-in solid discs (rear)
Wheels: 9J x 19 front and rear / R-Line alloy wheels 'Mallory'
Tyres: 255/40 R19 front and rear
Weight (kerb) 1629kg
0-100kph: TBC
Top speed: TBC

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