Toyota Motorsport GmbH Museum. Rally Gods

The Toyota Motorsport GmbH museum opens its doors for some World Rally Championship icons.

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At the beginning of the month, Toyota opened the doors of the official Motorsport GmbH museum to showcase its 24 Hours of Le Mans racing history. So, what better way to follow that up than with some rally cars.

Let’s get the big figures out of the way: four World Rally Championships for drivers, three WRC titles as a manufacturer from Toyota Team Europe to the current Toyota Motorsport GmbH, and a list of legendary machines in the TA64, the RA40, the GT-Four (Celicas one and all) and the Corolla WRC. Plus an eleventh hour defeat so cruel even Hollywood wouldn’t touch it (Carlos Sainz, 1998). And, ahem, that unfortunate 12-month ban from the WRC in 1995.

Right, intro complete. Time for some pictures…

– Shots courtesy of Toyota Motorsport

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