VIDEO. Vettel meets the Ferrari FXX K

Mamma mia, it goes like a rocket!” Four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel tests the new Ferrari FXX K at Fiorano

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Nowadays it’s rare that a car can truly drop your jaw, most offering similar kind of thrills and designs albeit with a different logo stamped the front bumper.  When a car gives goose bumps to a four-time Formula 1 World Champion however, it must be something truly special.

The below video shows Ferrari’s newest recruit Vettel pushing the FXX K to its absolute limits on the team’s private test track at Fiorano, hitting 274kph, drifting the hybrid at frankly ludicrous speeds, and frankly enjoying the hell out of it. Let’s not forget that this FXX K monster – launched just a few months ago in Abu Dhabi – produces 1050bhp from its onboard 6262cc V12.

Seems the four-time champ is enjoying life with the prancing horse, even at the expense of free energy drinks for life.

Source – Ferrari

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