Audi A8 L. A sense of speed. Management Fleet

Expecting us to wax lyrical on the Audi A8’s comfort? Think again…

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: January 2015
Total kilometres: 13,536
Kilometres this month: 2928
Costs this month: $0
L/100km this month: 14.1

The speed. Dear Lord, THE SPEED.

When we welcomed Audi’s flagship (read ‘premium’) A8 L onto The Management Fleet, we assumed the first ‘how’s it going’ report would concern the ride comfort, the 700km-plus fuel range, or – at a pinch – the ambient cabin lighting (there’s three options to choose from and everything). Focus on luxurious sofa-to-office cruising however leapt almost gazelle-like out the window when we first put Audi’s 4-litre V8 to the test on a lengthy and surprisingly empty stretch of road. A 0-100kph time of 4.6 seconds in today’s automotive world may not seem all that impressive, but make absolutely no mistake, Audi’s flagship premium saloon is properly quick.

The pull of those 3993cc from the off is phenomenal: slide the eight-speed Tiptronic into Sport (cue those faster shift times), plant the right moccasin, and you’ll be surprised just how violent this premium barge can be, and not just in the low revs. Flick down a couple of gears (tut tut Audi, those plastic wheel mounted paddles continue to let you down) and the pull is dramatic, even at cruising speeds. Be warned though, cruise control in this instance is crucial: the ride is ridiculously comfortable, the lack of wind or cabin noise negating almost all sense of speed at pace. Peer down at the speedometer and don’t be surprised to find yourself cantering towards the double ton without realising. No tickets yet fortunately.

Audi A8 L Management Fleet (February)-4

Speed fascinations aside, the A8 L has also won many supporters at based purely on its looks – we particularly like the way the rear LED indicators scroll across the taillights rather than flashing simultaneously – and at the moment there are few qualms to speak of. Fast the Audi might be but there’s little feel in the overly power-assisted steering, and the lack of a USB port is actually more irritating than we first thought (those iPhones do run out of juice quickly). On the whole though, the big Audi is proving a sensation.

We’ll let you know if we still feel that way if/when the first speeding ticket rolls in.


Audi A8 L
Engine: V8 / 3993cc
Power 435bhp @ 5100-6000rpm
Torque 442lb ft ft @ 1500-5000rpm
Transmission Eight-speed tiptronic automatic / Quattro all-wheel drive
Front suspension Adaptive air suspension with four selectable modes
Rear suspension Adaptive air suspension with four selectable modes
Brakes Carbon fibre-reinforced ceramic brake discs front and rear
Wheels 21” x 9J ‘5-arm Structure’ alloys front and rear
Tyres 75/35 R21 front and rear
Weight (unladen) 1975kg
Power-to-weight 220bhp/ton
0-100kph 4.6sec
Top speed: 250kph (limited)
Price: $104,500 (base) / $125,200 (test model)


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