VIDEO. Verstappen and Ricciardo rolling in a Kaido Racer

What’s cooler than having both Max Verstappen AND Daniel Ricciardo rolling around Tokyo in a Kaido Racer? Nothing.. Just nothing!

After their First-Second win in Malaysia, the guys passed by the Red Bull Japan office before going to Suzuka, but their transportation was beyond epic. It wasn’t a limo or any sort of VIP ride, but they drove around town in bosozoku style Skyline C210!

As expected, a ton of selfies and pictures were taken of the guys as they were low-riding and exploring a different side of Japan.

I know that Ricciardo is pretty much involved in the street cars scene, and he was in Los Angeles earlier hanging out with low riders and hot rods, so now it’s more of him doing the same but in the oldschool Jap way.

Daniel Said: “It’s pretty cool. It’s low! Every bump I’m scared, but it’s really nice and we have some good beats going so I feel like it’s setting the trend.

Max added: “I’m not the driver today, I let Daniel drive as I prefer to be the passenger, but everyone is looking at us while we are driving, the colours are alright – I mean orange, that’s always good!”

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