VIDEO. The story of Nijam Kurdi and his ‘ Fat Boy ‘ Evo IX.

The man who made a difference in the world of motorsports in Jordan and the Middle East, and his ‘ Fat Boy ‘ Mitsubishi Evo IX.

I first met Nijam back in 2011 before he opened the first dynamometer center in the Levant area – NMK Dyno Center. I was just starting to explore the world of modifications in Jordan, and the only place where I saw dyno runs were on YouTube, and so did everyone else. When Nijam first announced the Dyno center’s opening, no-one believed that it will succeed at the time, because nobody knew how to work with or tune on them. The first two years were definitely very tough for Nijam until the guys got a hang of it, and tuners started coming into the shop.

To some people, the NMK Center was just a dyno shop, where to others it was a true revolution in the region’s racing industry. The level of tuning and modifications became different, and leveling up one horsepower at a time. Just before every race seasonm the dyno would be open for almost 24 hours, tuning cars day and night, and I personally watched Nijam’s frustration when he couldn’t be with his family at times. The dyno has caused successful and powerful cars to go into the world of racing, achieving podiums and titles locally and regionally. The biggest example is the three times Middle East drift champion Ahmad Daham. Ahmad tunes at NMK regularly, and that’s his only to-go-to destination before hitting any big races.

Believe it or not, if it wasn’t for Nijam and the dyno, I don’t think I would be where I am right now, as I used to spend more time at the dyno watching cars being tuned, either breaking down or breaking a record than spending time at home. I learned so much from just chilling at the dyno, and also meeting very cool people from the automotive industry. Till this day, when I go back home for a vacation, I visit the dyno on the same day I land.

The Fat Boy


Nijam recently purchased his time attack Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX with the Voltex bodykit off of a friend from Abu Dhabi, where it was fully built by Tensai Tuning. I’ve seen the car in person and it was extremely well set up and whenever it showed up at the track along with Fadi Bikawi’s white Evo, these two cars always looked good together and meant business. The “Fat Boy” made its way to Jordan and is now in Nijam’s hand, where it will be his weapon for the annual well-known Tal Al Rumman hillclimb race.

You could learn more about Nijam’s Evo in the video above done by our friends at The 80s Studio.

Enjoy this ‘ Fat Boy ‘ Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX video?

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