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Owning an awesome Evo is even cooler if you helped design it.


Many people will have a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on their bucket list of cars-to-own. Some will get there. But how many manage to get a full WRC-spec Group A Evo III in their driveway?

Bob Riley is one of the lucky few, but admittedly he had a head start as he worked for Ralliart Australia and developed their rally and safari cars for five years. This Evo III was built completely from scratch, changing every component from standard so that it would cope with the rigours of rallying.

The spec-list is exhausting on its own – from the six-speed Xtrac transmission to the active centre and front diffs and hardcore suspension, each part is built for performance. The 2-litre turbocharged engine was restricted to 300bhp by the FIA, but it had huge amounts of torque. And it sounds amazing.

Source: CarTorque

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