Pick up an awesome classic car for less than $25k

You too can own a design icon without spending all the money in the world.


A recent study showed that classic cars are a ridiculously good investment. Better than art. Better even than gold. But does that mean that you have to shell out millions to make more millions?

Not necessarily. Mike Spinelli from Drive has hooked up with the Classic Car Club Manhattan to show that you don’t need to already have a fortune to become a member of the Awesome Design Classic brigade. In fact, you can pick up a bona fide design icon for less than $25,000. OK, so that’s still not exactly cheap, but in car terms, it ain’t expensive.

Got a shopping list? Maybe add a Bertone-penned Alfa Romeo GTV, a Willys Jeep, or maybe another Bertone design – a Volvo? How about a Fiat X19 – yet another Bertone machine? Or a Giugiaro-designed Lotus Esprit? There are no shortage of possibilities. Get ye to Ebay!

Source: Drive

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