Petrolicious. Living the 86 Life

Owning one Toyota AE86 is hero-status, never mind five! This bloke, in the latest clip from Petrolicious, is the type of bloke we all want to befriend.

The 86 Life. Petrolicious 02

Following on from my piece on the best drift cars, where the AE86 was my number one, owner, and editor-in-chief / creative director of, Antonio Alvendia reaffirms that this car is, in fact, the perfect fit.

He proudly, and quite rightly so, owns not one but five AE86 Toyota Corollas. Why? You might ask. Well, we ask, why the heck not?

The two models in the video are GT-S’; one from 1985 and the other from ’86. Antonio says: “Back then, Toyota was just trying to develop more sporting, economical, affordable cars that people could have fun with, these cars came with a factory LSD, live axle rear end with panhard rod and MacPherson front suspension. I have five them… I’m just a victim of a good deal.”

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