Laguna Seca Monterey Historic. The cars

Firstly, there’s no real purpose to this share, but does there have to be a purpose when there’s such an epic selection of automotive porn in one video?

Laguna Seca Monterey Historic. The cars-01

Taking you around this year’s Laguna Seca Monterey Historic at Mazda Raceway, this video from Jalopnik really showcases some of the most awesome of cars.

Not only does the awesome array of models, ranging from a Mirage M1 to a Chevrolet DeKon Monza (and that 300SL Gullwing from Mercedes – I can’t even…) feature in the video, the chap (Raphael Orlove) heading up the video knows what he’s talking about.

He takes you around each model, giving you detail and a brief history of it, and, being American he has that yeehaw kind of presence we love – we’re already excited about what he’s showing us, but his American-ness makes it more so.

Great job!

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