VIDEO. Need for Speed SEMA community car

Nakai San, Magnus Walker and Bisimoto are just a few of the names involved in the making of this bespoke machine!

SEMA Community Car Magnus Walker RAUH-Welt 03

When talking to crowds at the 2015 GamesCon event, Need for Speed bosses announced it wanted the help of fans to build the perfect NfS car. Those who participated had the chance to win a ride-along in the car at SEMA in Las Vegas.

Accordingly, the legendary Nakai San of RAUH-Welt and Bisimoto put the car together, with the help of some friends. As you may remember from our Sekund Entwicklung feature, Nakai is super specific in the way he likes to build, particularly around the wheels and tyres, ensuring he gets that ‘like a glove’ fitment we all love. Many different shoe designs were considered for the Porsche build, with the vote being cast for Magnus Walker’s Outlaw wheels.

Vehicle art director for Need for Speed Bryn Alban said: “To bring together so many icons to build one car in a short space of time is very special. It’s not like any other Porsche.”

Source – Need for Speed

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