Behind the scenes. NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon police chase

Check out this video of NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon staging a police chase with a twist!

FOX Jeff Gordon police chase Behind the scenes 02

All is now what it seems in this police chase…

Chances are you’ve probably seen NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon’s high speed debut on FOX by now, as his #24 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet SS is ‘pursued’ by local law enforcement at more than 200kph. We’re sorry to disappoint those of you who thought this was real, but the footage – a marketing promo ahead of this weekend’s Daytona 500 – ends with the police cruisers keen to get a selfie with the man who brought us THAT Pepsi Max test drive. The phrase ‘only in America’ rings particularly true here…

What you may not have seen, however, is the behind the scenes footage, including insight from the four-time Sprint Cup champion on both the shoot with FOX and his forthcoming new career behind the NASCAR microphone. If he can avoid police intervention at least, he’ll probably be off to a good start

Source – FOX News

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