VIDEO. Drivers’ eye view of a massive wreck. NASCAR

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt in this huge crash at the Daytona International Speedway.


NASCAR is reeling from a huge crash at the Daytona International Speedway during a Sprint Cup race. How bad? Well, just watch this ride-along video from some of the drivers involved to see how scary it was.

On the last lap of the Coke Zero 400, Austin Dillon’s Chevrolet was catapulted into the air and hit the catch fencing, tearing the car apart and sending debris into the crowd. Remarkably, Dillon emerged from the car unhurt, and while 13 people suffered minor injuries in the crowd, only one had to go to hospital and was released shortly afterwards.

As everyone that visits a racetrack knows, motorsport is dangerous. Thankfully, modern safety standards meant that what could have been a catastrophe was merely a heart-stopping moment that cause no long-lasting damage.

NASCAR safety officials are now studying the crash, and Dillon’s car, to see what happened and how they can make safety standards even higher in the future.

Source: NASCAR

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