VIDEO. 470bhp Volkswagen “MaxR” Golf R. APR. The Smoking Tire

APR and BFGoodrich team up to make one hell of a Volkswagen Golf R. And give it to Matt Farah to drive.

BF Goodrich MaxR Volkswagen Golf R The Smoking Tire 01

We’re massive fans of the Volkswagen Golf R here at crankandpiston. Like its younger sibling, the GTI, the Golf R is a practical family hatchback that provides serious smiles when you really open it up. But for some, the standard charms of the Golf R are not enough.

Tuning firm APR has a variety of tuning upgrades for the car, and over in the US they’ve teamed up with BF Goodrich to throw pretty much all of them onto a Golf R and give it to The Smoking Tire‘s Matt Farah. Being a modern internet-savvy chap, he recorded the whole of his first experience of the resultant monster on the Auto Club Speedway circuit in California.

The APR MaxR Golf R has  basically every other upgrade you can think of, from bushings to a stage four engine rebuild with 470bhp and slick tyres. You can see photos of the whole build process by going to APR’s Flickr page. Suffice to say, despite some sound quality issues in the video, Matt rather enjoys the experience, and the MaxR makes short work of the other cars on track. Just watch how easily he dispatches an R32, which itself is no slouch.

Source: The Smoking Tire

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