VIDEO. Ken Block h(o)ons new Ford Focus RS

Third generation model packs 316bhp from Ford turbocharged four-cylinder

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Chances are you already know what this is, given that images accidentally crept onto the internet yesterday. For those of you who took a half day yesterday though, this is the new 2015 Ford Focus RS.

Available globally for the first time ever, the new third generation Focus RS packs a 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder – EcoBoost, natch – that packs ‘in excess of’ 316bhp. For some added context, bear in mind that the new four-cylinder Mustang produces ‘only’ 306bhp. Performance figures have yet to be revealed though, nor a price though it’s speculated Ford’s new Volkswagen Golf R bater will be available from around the $45,000 mark.

Housing a four-wheel drive setup with torque vectoring, up to 70 per cent of the as-of-yet unconfirmed pound feet can be sent to the rear axle, 100 per cent of which can be delivered to either wheel.  For added oomph, the new RS comes with a larger rear wing, bigger front air intakes, and l0w-profile tyres. Check the Focus ST-esque Recaro seats on the inside too.

Like the new Ford GT, the Focus RS is one of 12 new performance vehicles set to appear from Ford before 2020. It also becomes the 30th vehicle to wear Ford’s hallowed RS badge since the 15M RS appeared in 1968.

And if you were wondering how the new Focus RS will handle, bear in mind Gymkhana star Ken Block was the consultant during the development stages. Or instead, check out the below video.

Source – Ford Europe

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