VIDEO. KAMIKAZE DIVE on Gunsai touge drift course

Japland TV offers a slice of drift life on the Gunsai touge with KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack. Stand by for Silvia S13, S14 and S15 action

When a drift video produced by ‘Japland TV’ and entitled KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack, you can’t help but get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that this is going to be good.

For starters, the video takes place on the Gunsai touge, one of Japan’s more famous stretches of sinuous tarmac beloved and enveloped all-year round by JDM fans, drift athletes and even the occasional Benetton Formula 1 car. For another, the cars on display are enough to send CnP’s resident JDM fanatic into convulsions: AJ’s already watched ‘KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack’ five or six times with a glint in his eye and is weighing up how a drift-spec Silvia S15 might work as a ‘daily runner’.

Amidst the hoonable machinery on offer, three models in particular stand out. First is Akinobu Satsukawa from A-BO-MOON, whose 350bhp four-door R32 GT-R travelled seven hours from Nagoya to take part in this Japland vid (how the sideskirts survived we’ll never know). Then there’s Mitsuyoshi Nishio from Otokichi-family and Naoki Nakamura from Team BURST, the runs in their respective S13 Silvias given the slow mo treatment throughout whilst a musical score we can only assume was plucked straight from Dredd whistles its way through the biblical amounts of tyre smoke. Yep. It’s pretty epic, and well worth three minutes of your time.

Take a closer look at the KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack credits though, and long-time crankandpiston-ites may notice a familiar name as the vid’s Marketing Advisor: Luke Huxham. Yep, he of ‘Underground Hero’, #Battledrift and snow chain Ferrari F40 fame among several others you can find HERE.

If you like what you see in KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack, then you might also want to check out more of director Yosuke Suga’s work with SMC productions. We particularly remember THIS almost sleepy behind the scenes look at Formula Drift in 2014, aptly named ‘Dreamers’.

Enjoy Japland TV’s KAMIKAZE DIVE Gunsai Attack video? 

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