VIDEO. Gymkhana Eight. Ken Block hits Dubai

As we head to Los Angeles, California, for the inaugural screening, Gymkhana Eight stars the Hoonigan himself, a 650bhp Ford Fiesta, a commercial airplane, and a few Dubai Police supercars

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Ken Block and the Hoonigans have gone and revealed the eighth instalment of the Gymkhana series, the first instalment of the long-running series to be shot overseas.

Ken ‘hooning’ down the big ole straight of Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, behind the wheel of his 650bhp all-wheel drive Ford Fiesta touring some of the most famous spots of Dubai, UAE. Even the Dubai Police got involved (to join in rather than take him down), rallying their supercar fleet for Ken to drift around. He even does donuts around an F150 Raptor that’s running on its two side wheels, and street races a Bugatti Veyron.

Filmed in just five days back in November (just before the Dubai Motor Show), Ken explored Dubai, leaving his four-wheel tyre marks in the most luxurious places such as Al Qasr, the Dubai Mall Fountain to the stricest places like the Ras Al Khaima airport, where he can be seen drifting around a full size commercial airplane. Yep, an actual plane. Gymkhana Eight doesn’t disappoint, so be sure to check out the video below.

The best is yet to come though. was invited by Monster Energy to attend the first screening in Los Angeles, California, which – as you might expect – did rather well, nailing 800K views in just under 12 hours. We did much more than just watch Ken at work though. Expect a full interview with the man, as well as a couple of other bits and pieces we picked up stateside, very soon.

Source – Ford Performance

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