VIDEO. Ferrari 488 GTB drifts through Barcelona

Ferrari 488 GTB drifts and hoons its way through abandoned Barcelona thanks to Pennzoil sponsorship and Rhys Millen’s lack of fear

Pennzoil Ferrari 488 GTB 02

Long time readers of may well be familiar with the name Ozan Biron, a director whose previous works include a BMW M4 drifting on a battleship, a Dodge Hellcat drifting on a rooftop, and the only car chase you should watch should you be considering a life in the criminal underworld. As you can imagine then, the Master of Motoring Mayhem – not his actual title but, you never know, he might like it – has something similarly subtle up his sleeve for his latest project.

Once again shot with the support of Pennzoil, ‘Joyride’ Circuit follows a Ferrari 488 GTB being basically thrashed three ways to holy hell through the streets of Barcelona, complete with epic 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 soundtrack and just a dash of Generdyn violins. Behind the wheel is Pikes Peak and Red Bull favourite Rhys Millen, who demonstrates that a dash through the empty streets of a major city doesn’t necessarily need the Dubai police or a high-performance drone.

Oh, and the really cheeky part? This particular Ferrari Joyride is just part one of two. You might want to stay tuned…

Source – Pennzoil

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