VIDEO. Evolution of F1

Watch the Evolution of Formula 1 (in miniature) as one iconic car morphs into another whilst racing on-track

Evolution of F1 02

Yes, we know we’re blowing the cobwebs off this one, but after a full year, it’s still mightily impressive.

Watching this video brings up many questions. What does it take to morph a miniature Formula 1 car into another? What does the evolution of more than 60 years of F1 look like in one 90-second video? How can it possibly be 20 years since Michael Schumacher won his first world championship? And how – dear Lord, how – does someone have the biblical patience to put this video together? If you were wondering who would win – Schumacher or Ayrton Senna – you’ll find the answer at the one-minute mark.

And, as best we can tell, the cars taking us through the evolution of Formula 1 are as follows:

– Alfa Romeo 158
– Mercedes W196
– Lotus 49
– Matra MS80
– Lotus 72D
– Ferrari 312T
– Brabham BT52
– McLaren MP4/5
– Benetton B194
– Ferrari F2004
– Red Bull Racing RB8

But do be sure to tell us in the comments box which ones we got wrong.

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