VIDEO. BAC Mono v McLaren P1 on track

Big power versus light weight.


Ah, the old David vs Goliath battle – power vs lightness, agility vs brawn. While no one would really accuse the McLaren P1 of being a lumbering lummox, compared to the little BAC Mono it’s huge.

The P1 has 903bhp but weighs more than 1500kg. Its British compatriot, the BAC Mono, weighs just 540kg and pushes out 285bhp from its Ford engine. So it becomes a question of power to ratio – the P1 boasts 584bhp/ton, while the BAC has 527bhp/ton. So there’s no much in it.

We’ve seen this battle before, at Silverstone. But now let’s take both cars to the twisty, compact Anglesey circuit in Wales, and see how the two spar it out, as documented by The Supercar Driver. We have it on good authority that the P1 was trying hard, but on this tight track the BAC is all over it. The light weight allows it to corner at better speeds than the P1, and it’s only on the straights where the McLaren can really unleash its monstrous hybrid power.

Woo, physics!

Source: The Supercar Driver

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