VIDEO: How to wash your car. Properly. Ammo NYC

No, giving it to the guy at the shopping mall isn’t washing it properly.


Washing one’s car is a minefield.

Plenty of people are happy just to take their cars through a machine wash, or leave it with a random chap in the shopping mall car park, but this is fraught with problems. Chiefly, they’re not really washing it properly – they’re scrubbing the dirt off, using either course brushes that scratch the paintwork or old cloths that hold the dirt from a zillion previous washes. Dirt on cloth, dragged along paint, soon leaves scratches all over your pride and joy. Not good.

No, as far as this slightly OCD author is concerned, washing your car is either best left to a proper, proven expert, or it’s something you have to do yourself. But how? If you don’t really care about your paintwork, then fair enough – get a single bucket and a sponge and go to town, but don’t come crying to us when your once flawless paintwork is now covered in swirls.

The best approach requires some technique. But don’t take our word from it – watch Larry from New York detailing firm Ammo NYC talk you through a weekly car wash that’ll leave your ride looking oh-so-sparkly (even if you use other products than the ones he’s plugging). Honestly, even for me this is slight overkill – three brushes for the wheels alone? – but hey, it’s best to know how the experts do it, so you can pick and choose your favourite tips.

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