Audi 100 on air

Yeah, we know – an Audi on air, nothing new, BUT a 100 on air; now that’s something else.

This Vimeo clip from Driverzine is of Ken Stevens’ perfectly stanced 1972 Audi 100LS, running Accuair suspension with e-level management, and nicely tucked on 17”x7” Rotiform LHRs.

Car modifying is like having a baby – not that I’ve ever had a baby, but I imagine it to be something similar – you literally watch your project grow.

You spend all your spare cash on any little bits you can sort or change, making it completely your own – whether you go for small changes, huge changes rendering the model unrecognisable, or simply making it as mint as it was when it was born; you’re taken on a journey, and it’s an incredible feeling when you get there.

Round of applause for Ken, please.

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