VIDEO. An insight into the classic Mini Cooper S

The classic Mini; the true Mini in enthusiast’s eyes, will always be an iconic model and this makes us see why.

Mini video

In this footage from CarTorque, Mini owners and racers talk with passion of how they love the classic Mini.

Mark Broadhead, owner of #68 Mini Cooper S (previously driven by racer John Leffler), can be seen speaking of how unique and intimidating the classic Mini was and still is.

When racing, a maximum of 1300cc engine is used so it’s all about maxing out as close to that as possible. With the classic Mini Cooper S, Horsepower generally comes from the cylinder and can combination, according to Mark. “It’s good fun racing the likes of a mustang they pass you on the straight and you have them in the corners,” Mark says.

Anyway, enough from us – check out the footage, here:

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