VIDEO. The most exciting MINI in the world? XCAR

A MINI race car, built to a budget, but for the biggest grins possible. Want.

Gen-3 MINI XCAR 01

The MINI hatchback, like most of its siblings within the MINI range, is a bit of a giggle to drive. But compared to this, it’s a wuss. This is the Gen-3 MINI race car, built to race in the UK’s MINI Challenge series.

It’s got three-way adjustable dampers, slicks, a Quaife sequential gearbox and motorsport ECU, and weighs just 1150kg including the average driver. In short, it’s the rocketiest of pocket rockets.

Nick from the UK’s XCAR channel got to have a go, and we’re very jealous. Imagine a grid of 20 of these bags of adrenaline bazzing around a track. Awesome.

Source: XCAR

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