VIDEO: A snapshot of the underground. Lebanon. Electric Federal

From drifting and big German horsepower to American muscle and British sports cars. Welcome to Lebanon.

Automotika Love of Motoring 01

One of the great things about car culture is that it’s pervasive across the globe, and different in each place.

The world of Lebanese car culture is explored in this beautifully shot short film made by Electric Federal, which covers a range of tastes from a 980bhp BMW M3 through a 1974 Pontiac Trans-Am to a 1973 Jaguar E-Type. There’s also a glimpse of the Lebanon Motorsport and Tuning Show.

It shows the diversity of the car culture lifestyle in Lebanon, which is awesome because that’s what crankandpiston is all about. The only problem is that it’s too short; we’d like a full series of shows on all aspects of this Electric Federal, please and thank-you.

Source: Electric Federal

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