VIDEO. Same same. But different. Lotus Evora 400

It’s an Evora, Jim, but not as we know it.


Lotus has a new version of the Evora out – the Evora 400.

It’s not like the Evoras that have gone before. The Evora 400 is 60 percent different than the Evora S, which is a lot. It weighs 40kg less. It’s got numerous styling revisions both inside and out. Oh, and there’s the small issue of the figure in its name, which signifies 400bhp in a car that weighs hardly anything at all. That means 100kph from standstill in 4.1 seconds. Fast, in other words.

But how does it compare against the competition from Porsche? Alex Goy from XCAR headed to a rather rainy Lotus HQ in Hethel, UK, to find out.

Source: XCAR

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