VIDEO. 19 x 918 Spyder on a 1500 km Alpine passes in 5 days.

When you see a 918 Spyder, your head turns and your jaw drops .. so what would happen if there were 19 of them?

When Porsche produced the 918 Spyder, and all the richest in the world started acquiring them, there was fear of them turning into garage queens or a parked investment for those who acquired theirs early. Unfortunately that did happen, specially when I find a dozen of them at random showrooms with barely any mileage while driving on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Shame.

In the video above though which Porsche just released, there are 19 reasons why you should (if you can) grab your 918 and go out for a drive.

19, nineteen, NINETEEN 918 Spyder just went for a 1500km long drive on the Alpine pass in Switzerland, on a true car enthusiasts adventure. I think I’d faint if I see that many of Porsche’s masterpiece driving together.A journey that started at Engadin, and to end in Monaco and Nice on the French Riviera.

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Photography courtesy of Curves Magazin

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