VIDEO. Ferrari comes to Project Cars 2.

After proving what the guys at Slightly Mad Studios are capable of, Ferrari grants Project Cars 10 models to be represented in the new videogame.

To get the trust and blessings from Ferrari to use their cars in your video game, then you must’ve done something right. Incredibly right.
I’ve been following the development of Project cars since their first sequel, and being a gamer myself, I chose Project Cars to be my favorite racing game/simulator after being addicted to Gran Turismo for years. I believe it’s one of the most sophisticated yet accurate racing game to exist. The only downside for me was that there weren’t enough cars in the game, and drifting was very difficult.

Anyhow, Back to Ferrari.

Both road and race cars will be present in the upcoming game, and from the pictures and videos, we were able to name a few:

  • LaFerrari
  • Enzo
  • F40 LM
  • F50GT
  • 288 GTO
  • 330 P4
  • 365 GTB/4
  • 333 SP
  • 488 GT3

So from the most powerful car Ferrari has ever made, to the most historic models, bringing passion and technology into the game.

Project Cars 2 is due to launch in September, and the pre-order is already open. Being a Project Cars 1 gamer, trust me, I believe this game will properly get you in the zone.

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