Vegas Drift. Enjuku Racing RX-7. A Welcome Return

The Enjuku Racing RX-7 makes a return to the track during round one of Vegas Drift in the USA. And gets me thinking…

It’s that song again.

You may recall the last time ‘Down the Road’ had me tapping my foot under the desk and humming a little too loudly was when BugConcept83 was extolling the virtues of Rust and Chocolate VW Beetles. This time round though, Skylar Smith and Beard Life have provided something altogether different.

The stanced and uber shouty Enjuku Racing RX-7 makes a return following its crankandpiston bow, only this time it joins the Get Nuts Labs crew for Round One of Vegas Drift. What follows next, as I’m sure you’ve already surmised, is a lot of tyre smoke and squealing rubber as Skylines, Supras and Chevys (oh my!) barrel sideways at ludicrous speeds into ever tightening apexes.

Oh, and if you have issues with the middle finger, we suggest you skip the 40s mark.

Source – Skylar Smith

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