Red Bull Frozen Rush. Rally trucks on snow

Red Bull takes a rally truck up a ski slope. Sounds fun.

You’ve got to admire Red Bull. Whether or not you’re a fan of the energy drink, the marketing campaigns that they put together are almost always outstanding. And they pump a huge amount of cash and focus onto a huge range of sports. What we particularly like is their willingness to try things that haven’t been done before. If someone says “hey, let’s take a rally truck onto a ski slope and hoon it about”, most companies would laugh at the joke and then think of somethign serious. Not Red Bull. They just make it happen.

And that’s how this 900bhp Pro-4 truck ended up on the side of a snowy hill in Vermont, with a broadly smiling Ricky Johnson behind the wheel. It all looks like a lot of fun. A phone call to Ski Dubai may be in order…

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